The Personal Ministries mission is to provide resources and train church members to unite their efforts with the ministry and East Ghana Conference church officers in the final proclamation of the gospel of salvation in Christ. The aim of the department is to enlist every member in active soul-winning service for God. It exists to teach and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ in response to the command of Jesus, in the context of the three angels’ messages of Revelation 14:6-12. To honor this original purpose, the Personal Ministries Department continues to communicate the good news with the objective to win, hold, and train for Jesus Christ, men, women, youth, boys and girls, in all the world,and to design programs and resources to help those areas of the world where church growth is limited.

Winning and transforming lives

Daniel Sekyere

Personal Ministries

Personal Ministries

Seventh-day Adventist Church Pioneer Ghana Conference
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